GitHub remove blinking cursor

Blinking Cursor

(Not) Recently, GitHub updated its UI. Now, when viewing a code file, dragging the mouse to select text, or simply clicking anywhere on the page, a blinking cursor appears, similar to caret browsing in browsers. If you select a code or accidentally click on the code page, you have to find an off-screen area to click before you can use the back/forward buttons. This makes browsing code files quite annoying.

Disable via GitHub itself

  1. Click on the horizontal dot icon.
  2. Enable Wrap Lines, and it’s done.

Enable Wrap Lines

  1. That useless feature is gone, but you need to enable Wrap Lines every time if you delete cookies from your browsers.

Using AdBlocker

You can block this useless feature with an AdBlocker such as AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, AdGuard, or uBlock Origin (uBo).

  1. Just add this filter to your AdBlocker:
  1. Save it, and it’s done.

Using userstyles

You can disable this useless feature using CSS userContent.css in Firefox or Stylus Extensions.

  1. Create a new style that only applies to
  2. Paste this line:
.code-navigation-cursor {
  display: none !important;
  1. Save it.
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