Download from Google Drive using Command Line Interface (CLI)

Download from Google Drive using Command Line Interface (CLI), using curl, Linux, MacOS, Windows

In this tutorial, I will share How to Download a File in Google Drive using Command Line Interface, using this script you can download a file without file size limitation, maybe you can use gdown but gdown sometimes still error if you download a big file from Google Drive

Before Download a Big File, Create OAuth Authentication First

This script also same if you don’t configure first, can’t download a big file from Google Drive, so you must create OAuth Credentials first

  1. Login to Google Developer Console and Create Project first
    • Note: If you don’t have project Click on Select ProjectNew Project
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  1. Click Hamburger menu on the left → Select API & ServicesSelect Library
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  1. Search for Google Drive API and Enable Google Drive API
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  1. Click Credentials on left pane and Click + CREATE CREDENTIALS and select OAuth Client ID
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Note: If you face this error, click on CONFIGURE CONSENT SCREEN

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  • Select External and click CREATE
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  • Just fill in the section
    • App name *
    • User support email
    • Email addresses
  • Click SAVE AND CONTINUE until Step 4 and Click Publish in the Production section
  • Back to Create Credentials
  1. After select OAuth Client ID
    • Application type select Desktop app
    • Name fill whatever you want
    • Click CREATE
  2. If success, you will get Client ID and Client Secret, Save it.
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Download a File From Google Drive

  1. This script you can find it in Official GitHub Repository
  2. To install this script, just execute command
curl -Ls --compressed | sh -s

alternatively, you can use the original github url instead of

curl -Ls --compressed | sh -s
  1. This script installed at ${HOME}/.gdrive-downloader/
  2. To Download a File from Google Drive (Especially big file) use command
gdl -o driveID

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  1. And you will be asked to put (Only one time), and this config file saved in ${HOME}/.gdl.conf
    • Client ID → Fill in the client ID with the one you created earlier
    • Client Secret → Fill in the client Secret with the one you created earlier
    • Refresh Token → Just blank and hit enter
    • And the link will appear, click on that link to get authorization code
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      • Login with your Google Account
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      • In this case Warning like this is normal, because app we create earlier is not verified by Google, so just click show advanced and click Go to yourappname (unsafe)
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      • Click Allow
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      • Click Allow Again
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      • And you get authorization code copy and paste to terminal console
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  2. And file will be downloaded immediately
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If you want to download a big file again, just use command gdl -o driveID and will not be asked to enter the auth code.

For Documentation, you can see in GitHub Repository

Special Thanks to: Akianonymus for making a great script!

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